Our goal is to solarise 100 villages by 2030

Why the Solar Village Initiative?

Power Outages

Long hours of power cuts affect the lives of rural households in India. Agriculture and local manufacturing units dependent on the reliable power supply are unable to function at optimum capacity.

Climate Change

Developing countries like India are most affected by climate change, with its implications on health, agriculture, economy, trade, transportation and energy. This need to be addressed urgently.

Water Scarcity

Heavy water usage by fossil fuel power plants aggravates water scarcity in India. Power plants that are located in highly water-stressed areas face regular shutdowns affecting electricity supply.

Concentrated Ownership

Majority of financial benefits of renewable energy are reaped by the corporate sector. The poor and underprivileged communities need to be developed and included in solutions addressing climate change.

How will the Solar Village Initiative help?

What will be the impact of the Solar Village Initiative?

CO2 Reduction

Use of solar energy will put less stress on fossil-fuel based power plants to meet increasing energy demand, reducing CO2 emissions.

Creating Awareness

An alternative, green sources of energy like solar is one of the best options to meetĀ future energy demand. Raising awareness about them will increase the use of clean energy.

Economic Development

Small manufacturing units and agriculture in villages will be able to operate on optimal capacity, increasing income for the villagers.

Vibrant Communities

The existing caste issues will be transcended through participatory planning for village development projects.

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