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How does Solar Village work?

Why support Solar Village?

At Solar Village, the profits from the search engine will be dedicated to furthering the work of eradicating the inequalities of electricity supply in rural India. Just by using Solar Village for searching the web, you contribute towards sustainable rural development.

What difference do we make?

Reliable and continuous supply of renewable electricity has long-term environmental and socio-economic impact.

Reduces health concerns

Use of kerosene lamps and firewood affects the health of children in villages. Switching to electricity for cooking and lighting eliminates harmful smokes.

Improves the conditions for learning

Children can study in the evenings with proper lighting enhancing learning conditions and performance at schools.

Enhances the economic conditions

Reliable power supply benefits agriculture and small manufacturing units to operate at optimal level, increasing income and reducing rural to urban migration for work.

Helps the environment

Using solar electricity instead of fossil-based energy reduces the global CO2 emissions and help to fight climate change.


Solar Village - Irumbai

The first Solar Village project will be implemented in Irumbai Village, Tamil Nadu. Famous for its ancient temple, this region has continuously faced long hours of blackouts and limited energy supply affecting the daily livelihood of the villagers.



Help us achieving our goal of reaching 100 villages by 2030. Support the Solar Village Initiative with a donation.


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