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Founded in 2010, Auroville Consulting is a unit of the Auroville Foundation. It seeks to utilize its expertise in ecological and socially responsible development towards solarising 100 villages in India by 2030. Auroville Consulting will be responsible for the overall implementation and management of the Solar Village Initiative.

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We live and work in Auroville, a UN-backed global centre of sustainable practices and ecologically responsible living. Auroville has a long tradition of proactively facing and developing solutions for the challenges of sustainable development that the world faces.

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Financial, Technical, Promotional Partners

Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University is the 1st university wide institute dedicated to advancing resilience.

Provides an online platform making organic and natural products available in the market, to help the farmer get the right price & at the same time keep the price affordable to the common man.

Delivers the wholesomeness of an organic, eco-friendly bazaar conveniently at your doorstop across India.

Custom make eco-friendly shopping bags with a wide range of fabrics from certified organic cotton, canvas, jute and recycled fabric, in fabulous designs.

A platform to accelerate the deployment of rooftop solar energy by making it easier for you to access information, expertise & financing for solar power.

Promotes and revitalize menstrual practices that are healthy, dignified, affordable and eco-positive.

Hands-on courses, workshops and webinars on sustainability & green practices

Experts in ecological and socially responsible development, we work for a prosperous eco-system that supports all life on this plane

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